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Dear Visitors,

SA Intl was based on an idea that every company regardless of size requires the same level of support and services for its IT needs. The benefits of a sound IT process and its components are key to sustaining  a business. As I have worked in the industry I have seen transformation through the years where technology can offer benefits at the cost of overall IT complexity.

Luckily for us, globalization has brought further efficiencies  in order to provide ‘best in class services at a bench mark cost.’ Organization have started to look within their own IT Services for substantial cost reductions to sustain a cost effective IT model that allows them to compete in the Global market.
So, how does one balance a sound IT infrastructure and at the same time remain competitive? The answer to this question prompted me to look back on the many technologies and infrastructures that I had implemented over the years. As I pondered, I realized that complexity can be removed from Company specific IT infrastructures by providing commonality and standardization in the IT Services Model. Internet technology can also play a key role in enabling a common platform for delivering the IT Services. As commonality in standard IT infrastructure is used, IT services can be commoditized and total cost of ownership can be drastically reduced !!

As we move forward with this principal of delivering ‘best in class services at a competitive cost’ we look forward to creating a company that can provide sound solutions for its clients for years to come.

CEO & Founder, SA Intl Inc.


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